Google Ads Tracking - Capturing Campaign?


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Is there a way to capture the Campaign in addition to Keywords with CallRail? I see my keywords which is great. But if I have campaigns in different geographies with the same keywords, I have to go on a fishing expedition to figure out which campaign it was from. Wondering if it can be done by altering the {lpurl}?.. like…

{lpurl}?campaign={campaign}&keyword={keyword} etc.

Any and all help appreciated.



Happy New Year @pdamico!

Take a look at these support articles below, these might help a little.

Create Numbers for Campaign-Level Tracking
Adding Tracking Parameters to your URLs

As long as you adjust the tracking parameters within Google Ads (like you gave an example of) and turn on auto tagging, you should be able to see that campaign information associated with the call within CallRail. If you want to be able to see this on the main Call Log, be sure to to check the box for campaigns under table settings.

@danaditomaso @paulhanney @AdamArkfeld Any other useful tips to consider when trying to make tracking calls from specific campaigns easier?


Hey P,

We are doing this with a number of our campaigns and you’re right, it needs to be done with a tracking template. We actually set up this tracking template at the campaign level (not ad group, keyword, or ad level). That way it automatically feeds in regardless of what you’re doing in the campaign.

Here’s our exact tracking template.


The %20 represents a space. Some people use hyphens or underscores as an alternative.

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Yews use tracking template. I could ONLY get the numeric campaign ID to show in Callrail using campaign={campaign} NOT the campaign name. I would love to be able to have the campaign name show up but it doesn’t appear to be possible without manually updating the tracking level at each campaign with campaign=some%20name there is no dynamic variable . that pulls campaign name.


Yeah, I think that’s correct. How many campaigns do you have? Normally in our campaigns it’s not a huge issue.


This is exactly what I joined the community to research. Thanks guys. Wanted to find Campaign data in CallRail (and subsequently Data Studio) from AdWords.

Worth noting that manually appending UTM parameters (and specifically {campaign}) will alter how Google Analytics views your Campaigns in the Acquisition reports if you have this setting enabled. Find it under Admin > Property Settings > Advanced