Google Ads Source tracking Inbox x


We are advertising few landing pages in Google Ads. But for those pages the source is displaying as Google organic(Which is wrong). Because we completely removed these pages from Google Index.

I guess I need to enable Auto tagging to fix this…

Please advise


@jefflogan @AdamArkfeld @paulhanney Have you guys had experiences with a similar scenario?


Definitely enable autotagging. Unless you had a good reason to shut it off…?


Sort of seems like the question is whether or not CallRail uses the glcid to identify if traffic is coming from AdWords. If that’s how CallRail works, then turning off auto tagging would likely be the problem. If CallRail uses the referrer or something, then it’s likely something else.

We’ve never had this problem, but I can only think of one instance where we turned of auto tagging and it was for a very technical reason that I can’t even remember.