Give the caller more time to pound a key


How can I configure Callrail to give the caller more time to pound a certain key? There is the ‘Do nothing’ option on the menu, but it gives the caller only 5 seconds. I need more time.
I’ve tried “Do nothing” which is concatenated to another “Do nothing”, but it won’t work for some reason. Please give me your advice


Hi @sharon,

This is a great question. We don’t currently have a way to extend the amount of time the user has to make a selection, but you could repeat the menu for the caller if they do nothing. It does require rebuilding the menu as a step in the flow.



This is not enough. When repeating the menu, I’m obligated to add some kind of speech before that. I need this 2nd level greeting to be silent. Till now, I have to type in something.
Do you have solution for that? Entering a menu without any vocal instruction?


Hi @sharon,

This is good feedback. We don’t currently have an option that meets this exact need, but I can take it to the Product team for evaluation. To help in the conversation with the team, would you be able to provide a some context in why 5 seconds is too little time for your customers?

Thank you for being a CallRail customer and member of our community!


5 seconds are just not enough to the caller to process all possibilities and to decide which option should he select from the menu.
If you want not to give him hard time and not pressure him, give him more time to do that.
On the other hand, what happens if the caller does not pounds any key? Does the menu lasts forever, waiting for his selection?
From my experience, it’s the best to give the caller more time, like 10 seconds, before continueing with the menu. Or at least, give the callrail the option to be flexible and put this into a variable. I would like to have the option to determine by myself how long my callers should wait when reaching the ‘do nothing’ option.


Thanks, @sharon. While this isn’t currently on our roadmap we will leave this thread open for other CallRail users to comment. Our roadmaps are very flexible when many customers experience the same needs.

Thank you!