Form tracking routed by zip code


A feature that would really be helpful would be the ability to route web form leads to a particular phone number based on the zip code of the service address that the customer entered into the web form. The system can currently generate a nearly instantaneous phone call by using the javascript DNI snippet, but all phone calls are sent to the same phone number. I have clients who have sales territories and have asked for the ability to have their web form leads ring the sales rep that is responsible for the zip code that the customer resides in.

A profile for each sales rep could be built that would allow the days and hours they would like to receive calls and also the territories they cover (zip code based). This integration would allow the form tracking feature to be more robust and also not cause the issue of distributing the web lead to a sales rep that doesn’t cover the customer’s service area.

I know of other call platforms that currently have this feature, but bringing it to CallRail would likely be of great benefit to many of us who work with larger businesses.


You could accomplish this using the Call Flow builder and a little bit of Javascript on your website.
Javascript would say “If current user is located in “REGION”, append “REGION” to the URL (e.g.”
And then Call Flow builder would allow you to route all calls based on the “Region” that would be accessible in the “Active Page” variable CallRail provides in the criteria.

Having said that, CallRail is already tracking location and could easily expose that as one of the Criteria available in the CallFlow builder…


Thanks for your request! I’m going to dig into this request with our team members. Thanks for being involved in our Community and for being a CallRail customer!


Hello again! I checked with the team on this request and at this time we don’t have a timeline for this request but we agree that our Form Tracking has room for improvement! When we focus on Form Tracking in the future we will plan for this to be a part of our strategy. We would love for you to be involved in any beta testing of new Form Tracking features as they are built. Let us know if that would interest you!

Thanks for being a community member and CallRail user!