Form Tracking - Call Recording


It would be great if there was an option to record all form tracking auto-connected calls. I’m able to record inbound and manually dialed outbound… but when my answering service is auto-connected with the form tracking feature its not recorded. This is crucial to my business as the incoming leads get handed off from my answering service to other team members. My other team members are able to listen to every recording to better gauge the clients situation and ensure a proper transition/hand-off between team members. They need to be able to listen to the conversation when my call center is connected with the client… otherwise the next team member is solely relying on the call center agent notes.


Hi @Chris_Martin,

Thanks for bringing this up. We are currently working on our forms product and are looking to bring some enhancements in 2019. I’m going to send this to the forms team to consider while they are planning that roadmap. We definitely understand how recording these calls is imperative for your business and appreciate you taking the time to bring it up to us!

Thank you,