"Form Flow" to Mirror "Call Flow" Feature



Now that we drive Calls + Texts + Forms into CallRail for our clients, we need to have the ability to Tag and auto-route the forms and text notifications just as we do today for Calls. Today our clients receive:

  1. CallRail Calls as a call.
  2. CallRail Texts as an email or via app.
  3. Unbounce emails for Form Fills via email.

We would like to streamline all notifications to come from CallRail so that the history of the prospect is just one click away no matter how they’ve contacted the client in the past. This is not available from Unbounce. However, we cannot do this until the forms can be directed to the right person (just as Unbounce does today by page). Our clients are larger than a single person receiving leads, and are assigned leads by procedure (eg. tag).

The simplest implementation I can think of, would be to allow a Form Flow feature based off the URL “contains” logic. For example, if I setup a Form Flow, it looks at the source and landing page and says, if the URL contains “liposuction” it would be tagged with “Sara” and notify her.

I hope to see something like this implemented soon! Love the Call Flow feature -please just expand to a “Lead Flow” feature.


Hi @jillynj,

Good news - this is on the roadmap! I’d love to talk to you more about your use case. Can you email me at christina.bourne@callrail.com?

Thank you!