Fire DoubleClick Floodlight Tag on phone call?


Has anyone had success getting a Floodlight tag from Doubleclick to fire after a CallRail call has been made?


Hello, @jcolvin. My name is Tatum, and I’m a Product Manager here at CallRail. I’m happy to tell you that we are currently working on a DoubleClick Campaign Manager integration that we hope to have ready early in 2018.

The first part of our solution will allow for CallRail calls to be attributed in the Reports Builder after click-throughs on ads.

We are also working on solutions for the same attribution to follow view-through conversions, but do not have an estimation on when this will be ready. I hope this helps.

As an added note, I’d love to enlist your help in testing this feature in a limited beta. Please let me know if you’re interested!


Hi @tatum,

I would definitely be interested! A lot of our campaigns run advertising through DCM, and not being able to track calls has been a big headache in that regard.


Just adding that I would love to see it too. Both conversion integration with DCM and the view-through conversions would be a big selling point for us to our clients.


Hi! Following up here. Our DoubleClick Campaign Manager integration is now available. At this time we can send offline conversions to DCM on click-through only. In the future, we would definitely like to add view-through conversions as well. You can read more about the set up of our current offering here.

Thanks for trying it out!