Filter by source in calls summary and calls timeseries



In the API we have ability to filter by source on the endpoint /v3/a/{account_id}/calls.json. However this is not possible possible with those endpoints:

  • /v3/a/{account_id}/calls/summary.json
  • /v3/a/{account_id}/calls/timeseries.json

Can you please let us know if you can add this feature?



Hi @sghzal, thanks for your request. We do offer the ability to group by source, which should have a similar effect to filtering. Would that satisfy the data need?



Hi @Laura

Unfortunately no this is not enough because we cannot have details for a given source when aggregated by an other metrics (for instance time series we cannot have summary per day for a given source)


Thanks @sghzal. I agree it would be a worthwhile addition to the 2 Call Summary API endpoints. I don’t yet have an ETA but will post back here when we have updates to share.

Thanks for the request & for being a member of the CallRail community!