Feature Request


We need to know a report that displays witch campaign makes the much money and how much money per lead i am spending in each campaign.


Hi there - if you log into your CallRail account and go to the “Reports” tab, you can use the Call Attribution report to determine which sources and campaigns are bringing calls in to your business. More information on this and other reports available to you can be found here: CalRail Reports . Let us know if you have any other questions on this!


You could also use Google Data Studio to build a custom report if the default reports don’t hit the mark for you!


I didn’t know where to write this question: Is there a feature for Incoming call hold queue?


Hello Jdpv01,

There’s not currently a feature for that. However, we have discussed adding this feature and plan on doing so eventually though I don’t have a timeframe for release. Have a great day!