Feature Request: Lead Timeline Export


When clicking on a call, we see the timeline view. The timeline view has helpful information, specifically what I’m looking for is the web location, date, and time that the client had first interaction with our company.

What I am trying to create is a lead time estimator that uses the time between when a client had first come to our website and when they first made their calls. That will give us some insight on how long it will take for our advertising efforts to come to fruition.


Helen visits the website 7 days before calling, as well as on the day of her call. That gives me a full lead time of 7 days, and a touch-points count of 2 (Depending on how long/how many pages she visited and the time between)

This functionality would be available as a ‘Timeline data export’. Feel free to inquire with my post if more information is needed about functionality/specifics.