Facebook Integration


I was recently told that the facebook integration won’t work with a white label account. Bummer! Does anyone know if it will work if we remove the white label and go back to our agency account we had previously?


Hi @bekah! To answer your question, the Facebook integration works with white label if the user enabling the integration owns the ad account - If you just have shared access to the ad account you won’t be able to use it with white labeling turned on.

However, if you turn off white label then you should be good to enable the integration with only shared ad account access. Please let me know if this solves your issue!


Hi @kate this is really helpful, thank you! We have shared access with our client accounts, so it sounds like in order to integrate our clients with Facebook we’ll need to remove the white label. I appreciate the response so much - have a great rest of the week!


So glad this helped @bekah!