Facebook Custom Conversions + Offline Event Sets


Wondering if anyone has a workaround for this.

Currently using CallRail to send Phone Calls and Contact Form Submissions to Facebook as Offline Event Sets.

In FB you can create a Custom Conversion. Issue is, that you can only use 1 offline event per custom conversion. And when you are running and ad, where you want to optimise for conversions, this causes a problem. Since you are only ‘converting’ half of the real conversions. Skewing the data.

Send Calls as Facebook Standard Event Types

We have the same problem. I haven’t found a simple workaround. I don’t understant why Call Rail doesn’t use standard event types. For exemple, if both the calls, the text and the forms were all sent as “offline leads” or “offline contact” event types, we could only choose this event type as the campaign objective.

In fact, I’ve added this feature request here: Send Calls as Facebook Standard Event Types. You can upvote it if you want.