Export CallScribe Call Transcriptions!


Wow, how is this not a feature already? You have to copy and paste the text out of a window and into a document which is absolutely nuts!

How about a simple export function to download the transcription which preserves caller/agent differentiation. We’re trying to do next level stuff like train chatbots and run NLP on these conversations and can’t do it without being able to export transcriptions.

PLEASE :smiley::smile:


Thank you so much for your feedback! We’re really excited that you are utilizing CallScribe and are looking to use that data to run your own ML and data analysis. The ability to export call transcriptions that are formatted by speaker is definitely something on our roadmap, and more exciting, it’s something we are hoping to get to by the end of the year. We will definitely keep you posted once this capability is released. In the meantime, you are also able to utilize the CallRail API to request the conversational_transcript from any call which is formatted by speaker.


whoa, awesome news that this is already on the roadmap!


Why you are not using the callrail api when you are talking about chat bots and machine learning is beyond me. :wink:

If you need help writing an API to do this lmk. We have done some cool stuff with CRM integrations using the callrail api and conversion tracking.