Export call extension calls to Google Analytics (or AdWords)


Is it possible to export calls from ad extensions as conversions to Google Analytics or AdWords? Is that feasible as a new feature? Currently, I’m using both CallRail and Google Forwarding on top of each other because I want to features of CallRail but I absolutely must measure call conversions in AdWords for automated bidding purposes. I’ve been told that’s a bad idea due to possible delays. It hasn’t been a huge issue for me, but I’m sure we are suffering somewhat due to technical issues. It would be best if I could just use CallRail numbers in the ads and export those to GA or AdWords.


@Baltzer Thanks for reaching out. Unfortunately, single tracking numbers cannot report conversions to Adwords. This is because we do not capture a Google Click ID (GCLID) within a URL for single tracking numbers nor ad extensions. Only our Keyword Level tracking will be able to match a web session and gclid with a call on a tracking number. To learn more about how to push conversions over to AdWords via a Keyword Pool on your website feel free to check out this support article.