Export All Landing Page URL Variables


It would be helpful if CallRail could export ALL landing page URL variables associated with each call. Currently, the system only exports UTM parameters, but doesn’t export any custom variables. Having access to all variables when exporting a call log would go a long way to simplifying the process of pairing data from multiple sources offline.

All landing page URL variables are captured as part of the timeline, so hopefully they can be added as part of the call export function.



This definitely sounds like an interested feature we can explore. If we were to implement this, is there a preferred format you would have for the custom parameters to be included?



For my purposes, exporting the custom parameters the same way UTM parameters are handled would be ideal. If I export a CSV call log, there would be a column header with the custom variable name and the values of that variable for the calls would be included in the rows below. There would be one column per custom variable.

Hopefully that answers your question. Thanks for listening!


That solution makes sense, but it can introduce problems in certain cases. There is no guarantee that every landing page has every custom variable, so we may end up with many columns added on to the export, with most rows simply blank for those fields. It would also be necessary to check every landing page for custom parameters before we can start generating any of the rows, which would drastically slow down the export time.

Could this alternative work instead:
A single “Custom Parameters” column could be added that has all of the custom parameter names and values listed with a fixed separator. something like “name:abc; value:20; cost:10”. The semicolon separates the parameters from one another, and makes these parsable in Excel.


Yep, your alternative works. Having access to the data at all is the most important part for me.


Great! I’ve added it to our list of items to discuss for future enhancements. I can’t guarantee any ETA, but I’ll provide updates when we have them.


Thanks. Much appreciated!