Excluding Number Insertion for Internal Users


I’m new to CR so this may already exist, but I’m looking for a way to prevent number insertion for our internal users. As a marketing team, we constantly have our website pulled up, both in a normal view and incognito. The issue is that with 6 members on our team, at any one point we could be using 5+ numbers from our number pool. It would be great if there was a way to exclude number insertion for certain IP addresses (similar to how we can filter data in Google Analytics to not show internal users).


Hi @justin! This is definitely something I’ve heard come up before, but some work arounds depend on how the site is currently being used. Would you mind expanding on how your team uses the website and typical browsing habits (are they on the site for a long time, how often does it get pulled up, do they leave the page open all day, etc )?


Thanks @Yara! So I warned our team about keeping several windows open for too long, but I would guess they forget occasionally. We also recently did a relaunch of our site so I’m sure that’s not helping to minimize internal usage. In either case, I would guess there’s at least one window up all day, probably 2-3 up for 5-10 minutes at any given point in the day as well. But that’s just my best guess.