Exclude URL in swap target


Are there plans to possibly include an Exclude search URL for the swap target area? It seems that everyone who has Google as their default SE in browsers uses Google to find company home pages via the company name.

This creates a situation where we use CR to track calls from search requests. This give somewhat misleading call reports because people want to get to a website for a vendor and CR records this and swaps the number. This also creates a situation where once the number is swapped, it’s there until that cache expires in the browser so users always see the swapped number until some future date.


Hi @webjive,

Thank you for the feature request! We have a few options we think might help you for this scenario.
Have you tried…
A. You could change ‘Visitors from “All Search” for “all” search’ to ‘Visitors from “All Search” for “paid” search’. This will eliminate anyone coming to your site from Organic Searches from see the CallRail number. Traffic from Organic Search will now see your company’s phone number.
B. You could create multiple source trackers and adjust the settings above so a visitor coming from Organic Search sees a different number from a visitor coming from Paid Search.
C. You can use Keyword Pools which allows you to exclude sources from seeing a tracking number.

I hope this helps. Of course if you still have questions or this doesn’t meet your specific need please feel free to elaborate on how we can do better.

Thank you for being a member of our Community and a CallRail customer!



A. Thats all we’re trying to track is local Google SEO search referrals. We never do PPC so this solution wouldn’t work.

B. Ditto, don’t do paid (PPC) search.

C. How do we do keyword pools for existing setups? I just clicked around and couldn’t find that for a client account we already have running.


Hi @webjive,

Unfortunately, a number cannot be edited INTO a Keyword Pool. You’ll have to create a new set of numbers that are in a keyword pool. I understand this is not ideal, but creating a keyword pool after-the-fact will lead to incorrect attribution of your leads.

This has led to some interesting conversations on the Product Team of how we can make the options that come with Keyword Pools more apparent during initial setup.

Thank you for being a member of Community and a CallRail customer!