Evidence that call recording leads to more caller hang-ups


Does anyone here have evidence that the “your call is being recorded” intro on our tracked calls increases the rate of caller hang-ups?

I have a client who wants to track calls, but is concerned it’ll cause hangups, and I honestly don’t know if his fear is grounded. PS. He’s Canadian


Hi @seancollier! I wasn’t able to find anything about call recording causing hang ups, but I was able to find some articles that suggest the opposite. Maybe these articles could be useful to show your client?

Use Call Recordings for More Conversions and Better Customer Experience

How advanced features like call recording prove agency ROI

If they come back with any further questions, post it here and I’ll be happy to see if I can dig up any other articles that could help! :slight_smile:


What about data that looks at the arrival rate of calls and compares that to the number of calls that terminate inside the few seconds it takes to play the “your call is being recorded” style of message?

If we could look at the number of calls that terminate in the first few seconds of that message divided by the total call count - would we have a % of calls that appear to terminate because of the recording?

Is there any way to get that data?