Edit caller ID in dashboard/mobile app


This is really 2 suggestions, but both along the same lines. Half of the calls we get are either no caller ID or the wrong caller ID. CallRail enables users to edit the caller ID, but only by clicking on each number and going to the call timeline, I wish there was a way to edit directly from the Activity Dashboard. However the CallRail App, doesn’t have any option to edit the caller ID, this is extremely frustrating as it means that I sometimes have to playback a recording in order to see which number corresponds to which client!


Thank you so much for the feedback on editing the callerID on both the dashboard and mobile app. We are continually trying to achieve feature parity as much as possible between the web and mobile versions of CallRail. I will add your feedback to our internal product discussions and keep you apprised if this becomes possible in the future, especially in the mobile app.