Dynamic numbers causing confusion with customers


One of my clients is using a dynamic number on their website. They mentioned that some customers take the number on their website and search it on Google to make sure it’s legit. When they search the number on Google, there is no association with the brand which causes trust/credibility issues. Has anyone else had this issue? Any ideas on what I can do to solve this?


Hey there @parker! In my experience, this situation doesn’t really come up often. Typically, if a customer is already on the business’s site and seeing the number; few (if any) will cross-check it again via a search engine. My best recommendation for your client is to further build that trust and credibility around the main site so customers don’t feel the need to double-check for legitimacy elsewhere.

@Morgan_Jarvis - has this ever come up with clients you’ve worked with?


Hi @Yara and @parker,

We have had a few clients who expressed an initial concern with showing tracking numbers on the website via dynamic number insertion, but the benefits of the session-level tracking have almost always outweighed that concern. We have not heard of any concerns with users searching for the tracking number to check for legitimacy, but would agree with Yara’s recommendation to further build trust and credibility around the main site.


Thanks @Yara and @Morgan_Jarvis!