Dynamic number swapping with facebook


I am a newbie to dynamic number swapping and could use a bit of help.

Can I have a different tracking number set up with dynamic number swapping for each different Facebook ad I am running to my site?

That way I can track the ads that are getting the results.

Thanks in advance for any tips.

As I said, I am a bit of a newbie to dynamic number swapping and could use as much as you want to give :slight_smile:


Hi @livefree! You technically can have a separate number for each ad, but if you already have a DNI keyword pool set up you’ll be able to use that and identify the different ads visitors came from by the specific landing params you set up.

I found this article on the facebook business page that might help clarify a bit. About URL parameters

@jefflogan @AdamArkfeld @paulhanney @danaditomaso - What are some best practices you guys go by when setting up DNI for facebook ads?


Hey @livefree, CallRail has a Facebook Ads integration that allows you to integrate call data with Facebook Ads using an offline data set integration. Have you checked that out?

That’s the only method I’m aware of to track conversions by ad.

Alternatively, I guess you could pass the phone number to your landing page using a UTM parameter and then try to swap the number using that parameter. That’d be burdensome, but it’d “work.”