Decentralized "admin" for the franchise model


I own a local franchise and I manage about a dozen tracking numbers for my end user customers. The National Franchiser has an arrangement with Call Rail so that the 100+ franchisees in the system like me can resell tracking numbers.

Unfortunately, the only administrator with rights to made changes to things like call flows, is the Franchiser’s HQ staff. I cannot make these changes on behalf of my own end users. The turn-around from HQ can be hours or even days.

For example, here’s a situation: I am working on selling a new customer on using Call Rail tracking. He needs a simple hunt group to be set up, e.g., the tracking number will point to customer destination #1, if busy or no answer, he wants the call to be routed to destination #2. If the second number is also busy or no answer, we wants it to go to voice mail.

I spoke to Call Rail tech support and they say they can do this. So far, so good.

However, the customer is likely going to be making maybe frequent changes to the call flow. For example, if the person who normally answers destination #1 (a mobile) is out sick or busy on a multi-day job, the customer would want to temporarily disable that number from the call flow.

Ideally, the customer would like to make these kinds of changes himself, on their Call Rail portal.

I understand that he cannot.

Worse still is that I can’t do it for him either. Apparently, only someone at the Franchiser HQ is authorized.

We need a decentralized admin model where I, as a local franchise owner, can have admin rights delegated to me for ONLY my own end-user customers.

I worked with a competitor to Call Rail in the past and they had this capability.

Please advise.


Hi @LarryJ - Thanks for sharing your dilemma. Fortunately, I have a solution to propose that should solve this for you! Your HQ staff Admin user is able to make you a Manager on the account. A Manager user is basically a “decentralized admin” for their specific companies (sub-accounts). They have access to everything that an admin would within their assigned companies, except for billing. As a Manager, you can make the necessary changes for your customer, or you can assign your customer Manager access to their specific company so they can make their own changes. Please let me know if this helps!


Thanks, I’ll ask our HQ staff to try this!