Day Spa Case Study + CallRail


For the past three years, I have been documenting the growth of my day spa. What used to be once a small $5,800/mo day spa today operates around $70,000/mo!

Over the years, we have tried a lot of various marketing channels. Without a doubt, the single most valuable channel we have for Mozaik Skin & Body is our AdWords.Our budget has grown from $500/mo to close to $3,000/mo in just a couple of years. And the return of advertisement has continued to grow with it.

I wanted to share with all you our strategy that we have used to grow our Day Spa.

Here are our results from AdWords for the past 30 days.

AdSpend: $2,930

Clicks: 1,200

Conversions: 200

Cost Per Conversion: $14.65

We classify a conversion as someone booking online for the spa, or calling directly to book over the phone.

Average Spend of Conversion: ~$150

Total Revenue Generated: ~$30,000

##The Basics

Before you get started with publishing any thing on AdWords, you need to start with a dedicated landing page. You need to create a page that is going to convert your future customers. There are 1,000s of documents that focus on this subject specifically, so I’ll cover the basics of a good landing page.


Unless the link is a direct call to action, where the customer will get your desired result, remove it.
The last thing you want to do to spends $3–7 on a single click, for someone to click your Facebook Link. Because when they get to Facebook, they’ll get distracted with all those notifications. Kiss that $3 buy.

###Calls to Action

Your calls to action are the buttons you use to generate the leads. They should be clearly visible, and noticed that those are the actions they are supposed to take.

The button should be clear and match what the buyer’s feeling. Using much more aligned button text will only increase the conversion rate.
“Submit”, “Sign up”, “Get Started” — these are all examples of poor Call to Actions, especially for a local business.

You want to align the button with the exact action. “Get Instant Quote”, “Book Your Spa Visit Now”, “Book Your FREE Consultation”. If you have sold them on the idea of using you, you want them to as quickly identify that exact button they need to click. You literally want to think

“Does this button explain exactly what they want to do?”

###Headlines & Offers
I’m going to be kinda blunt here — if you don’t want to invest the energy into creating pages for each offer you have, that aligns with each campaign, then you should probably consider hiring a professional who will do it for you.

I’ll get into the full funnel in a minute for Local Businesses, but before we do that let’s look at eCommerce.

Each Product has a Campaign, Each Product has a Dedicated Page on someone’s website. AdWords (Google Shopping) drives people directly to the page with that Product.

Why? Because if someone wants “Red Nike Indoor Soccer Shoes”, they don’t want to see all the Nike Shoes. They want to see Red Nike Indoor Shoes.

That’s why Google setups their ads that way; for optimal conversion. And you should being doing it with your local services as well.
At the day spa, we offer Massages, Facials, and Packages. Each offer we put into Google AdWords has it’s own page & special offer to help convert.

The more you can align your clients intent with your message, the strongest your conversions are going to be.

###Proof of Quality

There is a big difference with someone that is coming to your page that is cold, and through paid traffic, over a SEO/Yelp Visitor.
The thing is those coming through SEO & Yelp, already know something about you, (Google’s Ranking Counts). All you have to do is sell them services. Whereas a Google Pay Per Click Customer (or any Cold Traffic), still might have questions about your quality of services.

That’s why it’s super important to include on your landing page social proof, and real proof. Here are some of the things we use for our landing pages:

  • Testimonials
  • Social Proof (Reviews from FB, Yelp, Google)
  • Mentions in Publications (Any Kind)
  • Awards
  • Certifications

Free Bonus:
Getting started with a landing page can be as simple as stripping away all the non-essentials of your homepage. If you feel like your page may be overall sub par, here are some great free designs that I have used to generate leads before.

[99Designs Free LP] (

Other places to find good (but paid) Landing Pages:
InstaPage or ThemeForest
##The AdWords Setup
The key to setting up AdWords is to do it in a way that allows you to quickly & effectively monitor your performance. My setup may not be the ideal, but it works for me & the spa.

Unique Combination between area we target & landing page. For example, we might do:

  • LP: $75 Massage, Target: Scottsdale
  • LP: $139 Massage & Facial, Target: Scottsdale
  • LP: $75 Massage, Target: US

Scottsdale is the only city in the US with its name. Thus, we can easily target tourists searching for us. We also set a smaller budget on this campaign, because we also know that a lot of solicitors may be using this method to find us.


Now that you have the landing page targeting a specific buyer, it’s time to build AdGroups for those keywords. Most people suggest SKAGS, Single Keyword AdGroups. Basically, you setup one Keyword per AdGroup.

This is probably one of the best ways to setup AdWords, because it gives you the granular details you need to know. There are plenty of guides about how & why this works, so I’ll just cover my setup.

ISpionage Guide on Skags

For the Campaign: LP: $75 Massage, Target: Scottsdale
We want to target specific people looking for massages. Keywords that we would be using would be like:

  • “Massage”
  • “Scottsdale Massage”
  • “Massage in Scottsdale”
  • “Massages near me”

For the Campaign of our Package Offering, we could simply target people searching for “Day Spas”, “Spas”.

The ultimate point of the break down is to make sure the searches align with the offer. We could offer Massages to people searching for Spas. But offering Two/Three Hour packages to someone wanting Massages will hurt us.

###Go Granular!
There is a lot of profit to be made when you go granular. Take for example our Massages. We offer Couples Massages & Regular Massages. The search term for Couples Massages isn’t as strong, but still, has quite a bit of search.

Originally, we would just serve them the same ad. Turns out, they don’t want the same service as each other. One wants to be therapeutic results, the other wants something for a special occasion. We needed to break apart and create unique landing pages & keywords to go with that landing page.

Our results skyrocketed for Couples Massage once we built a specific campaign for it. In fact, here were our results in June:

Clicks: 92

Cost: $175

Conversions: 31 (34%)

Revenue Generated: $3,689 (31 @ $119 each)

That should be the simple proof that you must invest the energy & the time to go granular with AdWords.

##Don’t Skip on Implementing Conversions
I always hear this from other businesses, “I think it’s working”. The truth is, when you are paying for a click, you absolutely should know what’s working and not. With all the tools that are available, free or paid, there is absolutely no reason you shouldn’t know.

First & foremost, you should be tracking every online conversion with Google Analytics. This will let you know how your form is doing, your call-to-action. From this, you can figure out if things need to be improved.

Second — If you are a local business, please get a call tracking number. Even better if you get one that does KW Tracking as well. Close to, if not, the majority of all conversions will be phone calls. If you don’t know if half the people are converting or not, how can you possibly optimize? That’s why using something like CallRail is absolutely vital to your success.

From here, once it’s setup & properly reporting, you can actually spend time optimizing. You don’t have to use your “gut” to figure out.

Call Rail
Google Analyitics
Hot Jar

This guide should get you with a great foundation for how to be successful with AdWords.

Final Note — If you have any specific questions about AdWords I can help with, please feel free to ask me in a new group I started. Four other service business founders & I have paired up to help others business owners on their journey

*Day Spa was asked to share their story with the Community