Data Studio Integration - Date dimension


This may be more of a Data Studio specific question, but I’m having a hard time adding calls into existing reports because I don’t see a way to set a “date” dimension when configuring my callrail company’s data. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated!


@danaditomaso @paulhanney @AdamArkfeld - Have any helpful tips or advice on how to get this done in Data Studio?


We report CallRail data manually in Data Studio instead of using the direct integration. Just haven’t tackled it for all of our clients and our process has been set that way for quite awhile.


Thanks for the update! I’m not sure if this is related to my issue, so let me know if I explained it properly… I can’t input CallRail data into a Time Series chart because it requires a “date” dimension which isn’t an available field in the data source settings. Thanks again for your feedback!


Yes, there isn’t a date dimension in the CallRail connector, just a Source dimension. It’s definitely something that should be added in! I’d love to be better able to replicate the CallRail charts in GDS.