Data Integration - Automatically pushing Callrail data into Google spreadsheet



I’d like to extract CallRail Call attribution and automatically send 2 fields

  • “Source”
  • “First Time callers”
    at the end of each month to a Google spreadsheet.

Has anyone tried to do this? Via Callrail API?

Many thanks,


Hi @Guillaume! It’s definitely available within the API and I’ve actually seen a lot of people utilize Zapier to send the data to google sheets. Check out the link below for a little more information on that.

CallRail and Zapier

Hope this helps!


Hi @Yara,
Thanks a lot for taking the time to respond to my query.
I have tried Zappier, unfortunately it didn’t allow me to pull aggregated (or historical) data.
It looks like this is more an option for real time reporting.
I am having a look at an integration with your API at the moment.
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You might look at blockspring you can send a post event webhook to it and save all the costs of zaps. just remember google limit is 400,000 rows of data , depending what you need to do you can have google auto clear xx amount of rows based on rules