Customer Support


Let me preface this post by saying that I have used Callrail for years and have always been brand advocate sharing their name to many potential clients.

But lately I am finding the customer service response time to be VERY slow. My most recent ticket is almost 5 business days with no response (just got one yesterday with no solution just requesting more info). 5 days to even address an issue that is causing havoc for our client reporting is simply too long, especially for an addon I am paying extra for. I’ve even tried phoning. No luck.

Is anyone else experiencing this?


Hi Christian,

I’m very sorry about that experience. My name is Terrence, and I’m one of the managers with CallRail Support. Please email me directly at, and I’ll be sure we get you proper assistance with that ticket.



Thanks Terrence. I have sent you an email.


I’ve had same experience. I’ve been with CallRail for almost 7 years (back when Andy was answering support tickets). I’m big fan of their service. But lately support has taken days for even a response.


It has gone from great to awful. I’ve been using CallRail since 2016 at one company and now my own. Phone numbers are constantly going dark or not working. Now I’m dealing with a client cancellation because of it. I’ve now been waiting on hold via the “phone support” for 6+ minutes without any interaction with a human.