Customer Invoicing function - make UK/International ready


I have enabled the Customer invoicing functionality but cannot use it becuase it is not setup for UK/International customers … the table below continues to show $

Simple tweak - depending on the country selected, ensure that the fields display the currency symbol for that country and make sure that carries over to the invoices that the system produces.

Two other enhancements…
provide a field that the system will update when the table is changed so that it is easy to identify when changes where applied and correlate that to past invoices

Add a field to the table that allows a discount amount to be added that in turn is deducted from the resultant invoice*
(because I may choose to discount customer)

  • I am assuming here that you can set a custom price per customer. When you click ‘Customer Invoicing’ as per the pic above - I am guessing that the standard rate table is the default table applied to calc each customer and you can then customise each customer own ‘standard’ table … suggest for clarity that you distinguish between the ‘Default Rate Table’ and the ‘Customer’s Rate Table’

Also, the table does not provide the full range of chargable element - e.g. the mobile surcharging that is applied -
I raised this with support who confirmed that is only available in the generated invoice which means that its not customisable like other items… this again would prevent me from using this feature as i am effectively locked into providing this element at cost

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It’s great to get so much feedback on how we can make this feature more usable.

As far as localizing currency to specific countries, we don’t have that in our planning for the foreseeable future. Currently, all of our items are charged in USD, and attempting to show company invoices in localized currencies would require us to track exchange rates and the values in company invoicing would have to float to accommodate those exchange rates. For simplicity, we have opted to keep everything in USD at this time.

Tracking changes in rates for invoices and discounting sound like interesting features. We can’t fit it into our plans currently, but I will add them to our backlog of features we may want to implement in the future.

You are correct about customizing the pricing per customer. We’ll definitely look at clarifying that language to make it more obvious what the difference is between the two tables.

Lastly, you are correct that we don’t provide a distinction for billing on Local to Mobile or Toll Free to Mobile minutes. That is definitely something we should be supporting, since it is included in the invoice. I will get it added to our list of features to develop, and update as a timeline becomes available.



Thanks Michael
I am not sure I follow about not being able to localising the currency to specific countries. Fully appreciate if the system process for creating Customer custom invoices was to automatically convert the Callrail USD unit price to arrive at a total and then convert that total in USD to another currency …

However, I may be looking at this too simplistically, but … the way I saw the standard rate table work was that I could, as a reseller, modify the unit pricing for each element therefore I am setting the unit price (in my case GBP) … the customer invoice would calculate the customer invoice based on my modified custom unit price x volume – therefore if I set unit price per minute of say 0.05 then the system calculates the number of minutes used x my unit price - its already converted

Therefore, the only thing needed would be to change the currency symbol and the math in the background doesnt need to change

What callrail charges me is in USD is what callrail charges and isnt what I charge customers. I think you may have thought that I am asking for the main invoice from Callrail to be converted… and then onto my other requests -re: discount and ensuring that all elements are shown… if we are to produce custom invoices for customers and ustilise stripe integration then customer invoicing functionality needs to be full and complete and totally customisable. I dont see these as major changes but correct me if I am wrong.

Without these features I believe the customer invoicing part is useless to anyone charging customers in a different currency than USD and I cant use it till these become available meaning that I still have lots of manual manipulation of data to do which i suspect defeats the intention of releasing this functionality to those outside of USD.

Look forward to hearing from you


Ah, that is a different solution that I was envisioning. Are you viewing this as changing the entirety of your customer invoicing or would you want to set specific currencies for specific customers?


For me, I invoice in GBP and dont have a need for multiple currencies but I am thinking that even for those with customers with different billing currencies - the same concept of how the billing table is used could be apllied - just multiple line entries each for each currency - with abilty to set the unit price in whatever currency and you are effectively handing over the responsibility for setting the onward unit price to the reseller and likewise the reseller sets unit price that considers currency conversion — if you get what I am saying … :slight_smile: