Customer invoice question


I’m curious if there are any marketing consultants or small agencies out there that have used Callrails “Track All Calls method” by porting their client’s main number. Any Pros and cons? I’m specifically curious about ballpark figures for how much to charge the client on a monthly basis thru Callrail’s new customer invoicing service.


@danaditomaso, @paulhanney, @AdamArkfeld or @jcolvin, do you have any personal insight into this?


I’ve ported a client’s main number but we actually set up clients with their own CallRail account instead of billing them, so unfortunately I can’t contribute on the invoicing side.


Hey @evan, we have ported main numbers too. When we’ve done that in the past, we’ve also set clients up on their own accounts. If they’re moving their MAIN number, it just seems to make more sense. Plus, when we did it the client invoicing wasn’t available, but I still try to put bigger clients on their own accounts whenever possible. Reduces my exposure if I’m paying for the calls (which I normally am because it’s easier to sell that way).


makes sense to me. Thank you Adam!