Custom Fields for Calls


Any feature relating to custom fields for calls on the roadmap? Right now, we are running ads for a tour company and want to know how many people are in the tour (custom field) and then the revenue of the tour booked (value field). Currently, I don’t think we can do both.


that would be an awesome feature


Hi @AdamArkfeld and @Falasirirugs! I chatted with our product team and while this feature isn’t currently on our roadmap, there are a few things that could help in this scenario. The revenue of the tour booked can actually be applied directly to the value field. As far as the number of people in the tour, you can try adding it to the notes field. While you can’t currently report on either of those fields within CallRail, you would have to apply somewhat of a workaround and export that information into a csv to report on it. I know it’s not perfect - but please let me know if this helps. I’ve made the product team aware that there’s been a feature request for this to be built into the app and will update this thread if they add it to our roadmap.


Thanks @kate. I didn’t think about exporting the data and then reporting so that’s a good workaround for now!