Custom/Different Call Activity Types in Hubspot


Hi there!

We receive calls from many sources, not just CallRail tracking numbers. We would love to report in Hubspot on how many calls through tracking numbers we received, but we are looking for an automated solution. Hubspot allows you to create custom call types, which I am wondering if CallRail could auto-log their call activities in Hubspot under a different Call Type, rather than the default (so that it could be differentiated in reports).

The manual method is too onerous for us right now (looking to see if every call we receive was to a CallRail tracking number, and manually changing the Call Type), which I think is understandable.

Is this something that CallRail would consider adding to the Hubspot Integration ?




Hi @WarrenJ, thank you for this request! I will review this with our team to determine if this is a good fit.

In the meantime, my understanding is that Call Type is your preference because Hubspot exposes that field in reporting. There is no way to report on calls by the phone number/tracking number field we populate, correct?

Thank you!


Thanks Laura,

You actually solved my issue… I didn’t know that those Contact Properties existed !

I can filter my reports in Hubspot based on the last time that “Last Tracking Number Contacted” property was updated (which is what I was struggling to find a way to do before)

Thanks for pointing this out. It may be helpful to have a comprehensive list of Contact Properties that are updated in this article. Seems to me it’s mentioned in passing… it reads:

All of your contacts will be updated with any CallRail call or text activity and the corresponding contact properties we send. You can filter your contacts based on these properties in the left sidebar.

But where do I see that list of properties, you know? Maybe I’m just missing something.

Anyways thanks for helping me solve my problem !


No problem! I’m so glad that worked. For the full list of fields we send to Hubspot, scroll down to the FAQ section of that same article. We’ve got a bulleted list of the CallRail fields that are sent in this integration.

Thanks again!