Cross Account Reporting and Notification


We (PPC AGENCY) handle the PPC for a client. An SEO AGENCY handles the SEO for the client. SEO AGENCY is already providing daily CallRail SEO reports and notifications to 5 users with only Reporting or Notifications access.
We, PPC AGENCY, need to give these same 5 users daily CallRail PPC reports and notifications.
Currently, the only way to share access between multiple CallRail accounts, is to give users Admin access.
We do not want the users to be Admins. We want them to remain Reporting or Notification Only access. And still have access to both the SEO AGENCY CallRail and our PPC AGENCY CallRail accounts to view or download their logs.

Please create a way to add a user who may already be a user on another account.

The only workaround we have is to create a gmail address, make it a CallRail user with reports or notifications access and then have the gmail address forward the reports on to the 5 users.


I like this idea a lot but for a different reason.

We are a marketing agency that tends to takeover all aspects of the client’s marketing (SEO, PPC, etc.) and oftentimes we find that the client worked with a company in the past that also used CallRail and setup a notification account for them. Upon cancellation, these users are not deleted and then, as Tammy describes, we are not able to setup notifications for our clients whose previous provider is unreachable or unresponsive to requests to deactivate the user on their end.


Exactly Drew.
It should be a seamless process. We shouldn’t have to make our clients jump through hoops (or ourselves). After all, we’re the ones who manage it and send the invites. Beyond that, the client has little to no interaction with the actual workings of CallRail. All they know or care about is if they’re getting their reports and notifications. We can’t expect the client to become an apps guru. That’s what they pay us for.


Hey Tammy and Drew,

While I can’t give you a timeline right now I can say this is on the roadmap. I’ll update you when we get a little closer. Have a great day!