CRM Lite: allow creation of custom fields on call records


As customers start to use CallRail LeadCenter as a defacto CRM, they will require custom fields…especially so they can capture customer data as they speak with an in-bound caller.

CallRail should allow users to add custom fields that can be exported (via Zapier or Excel/CSV) so that fleshed-out lead records can be exchanged with marketing automation and/or CRM platforms.

Ideally this function can be the first Zapier “action” function so that other systems can create and populate fields within CallRail Lead Center. The use case here are walled garden, proprietary CRMs that only allow out-bound transactions.


Hi there! Thanks for submitting your request. I am sending it to our product team for review. In the meantime, as it’s not possible to add custom fields in Lead Center, you could use Zapier to extract the data you need and export it to a csv that way. I recognize that isn’t the most convenient way, and will update you on this thread once I hear from the product team about if they’ll be able to work on this request. :grinning:


I our use case, we wanted a new field within LeadCenter (email) so we can export that field. A work around would be some sort of user convention, i.e., “” so that we could parse the notes field. But I suspect it would be better if we had a regular email field.

We would like to have a Zapier integration for this but CallRail does not support Zapier actions, only triggers.


I am trying to connect my CallRail account with my Podio account, so I do not have to physically enter the inbound calls.


Hi @sps - Thanks for the clarification on how you are planning to use this. You are correct, we currently do not support the ability to do this. Our team will submit it to development as a feature request and I’ll keep you updated on status. Thanks again!


Hi @txtinner - You can integrate CallRail with your Podio account fairly easily. Please see these step-by-step instructions from our support site. This should get you settled, but please let me know if you run into any issues!