Creating a instant-call button in Podio


In the seller leads app on podio (I use Investorfuse) looking to exploit the “Phone” text field to be able to automatically make calls, through the Callrail lead center, to my phone by pressing a button on Podio. Right now it automatically goes to open Skype, has someone down this before or is it possible?

Essentially looking to be able to click on their phone number, that number maps to the lead center automatically calls and rings my phone to press 1 to connect to the number.



Hi @NationalPropertyPals! This isn’t something I’ve personally had experience with, but I know in some similar situations a lot of customers end up utilizing our open API. I would definitely suggest reaching out to Podio to see if they’ve maybe heard of someone doing something similar and what actions in Podio might allow you to customize it in this way. I’ve gone ahead and linked our API documentation below.

API Documentation