Create Click-to-Call Buttons on your Website Using a Tracking Number


If you’ve ever looked for business information by conducting a mobile search you’re familiar with the convenience of click-to-call buttons. They’re the perfect short cut when it comes to making a reservation, asking a question about a product or service, or even making a purchase over the phone. Google found in a survey conducted on 3,000 mobile searchers that 70% of them used click-to-call, proving that it was an important channel for consumers. Ready to get started? Here’s the easiest way to begin using call tracking and click-to-call buttons in your mobile search campaigns.

Why Use a Call Tracking Number?

So you know why click-to-call buttons are important for mobile search, but why do you need a call tracking number? The answer is accuracy.

For example, one of our customers, Adster, a digital agency, started using CallRail call tracking phone numbers for their Google AdWords call extensions and were able to optimize their campaigns by focusing their ad spend on what was actually driving calls.

Call tracking also gave them the added benefit of listening to calls with tools like call recording so that you know that your ads are not just driving clicks, but qualified calls. Plus, you get the benefit of additional information like which keywords drove the call and what landing page the caller was on when they reached out. There’s also the issue of clearing up any discrepancies between how many calls you actually receive an how many click the campaign receives in AdWords.

Creating the Click-to-Call Button

Now that we’ve covered the why, here’s the how. You can use one simple line of HTML to add click-to-call functionality to your website. Here are two examples, one for images and one for a written out call to action.

You’ll want to add these lines to your HTML or source code of the webpage.

Example 1: For written CTA:

<a href="tel:5555555555">Call Us</a>

Example 2: For image or button CTA:

<a href="tel:5555555555"><img src=""></a>

If you’d like to use your call tracking numbers in your AdWord search campaigns, view our AdWords Mobile Click-To-Call tutorial. You can also learn more about how you can track Google Extensions.