Contacts list or address book


I use CallRail numbers as numbers in place of my cell phone #. I would like the ability to create contacts due to caller ID data for many numbers is not clear or representative of the actual caller. This is particularly important for SMS tracking… When scrolling through my messages, it can be extremely difficult to identify a potential client by their #/caller ID info.


Hi @ChuckSierk, thanks for bringing this up! We actually have something in the works now that should solve this problem for you. Our product team is working on creating the ability to rename a “wireless caller” to something more descriptive and accurate. So, when you look through your calls, you’ll be able to manually rename users. When you look back, or as something new comes in, if you’ve already named the user it will show up with the name you’ve assigned. I’ll be sure to send you a message personally when this feature is ready for use!


This will be an awesome feature! CallRail was already great and it just keeps getting better!