Connecting Music


I would like to have the ability to add connecting music or a customized message while the caller waits for the call to be answered. Currently there are no options to change this and the caller just hears the phone ringing until someone picks up.

To aid in a better customer experience, adding this feature would be an excellent addition to the call flow options. It’s nice to have that option for your customers.



Hi @CallGuy,

Thanks for your request! While we don’t have the option to add music, we do have an option to add a greeting for your customers to hear. Let me know if this isn’t want you are looking for:

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This is typically handled with whatever phone system / pbx the client is using. It seems a little murky to add the functionality to CallRail.


In this situation Ring Central is our VOIP provider and Ring Central and CallRail do not play well together. Not only that, I’m using a Simulcall queue. Once CallRail get’s this call, CallRail is holding the call and routing sequence, therefore my Ring Central music settings are obsolete. In fact, they will mess with the CallRail queues if there is a connecting messages, etc. I’ve had to completely remove all those greetings and connecting messages in order for this to work.

This feature would allow me to add a nice feature that Ring Central offers, then I could drop ring central, get a better VOIP solution and use CallRaill IVR/Routing.


Thanks for the info. I do actually use that since we record calls for quality assurance. I am referring to the connecting music after that message is played and while you’re waiting for someone to answer.


Thanks for the info @CallGuy and glad to hear you are already using Greetings. Since this feature hasn’t been on our radar, we’ll watch this post for upvotes.



Hi @CallGuy,

The Product team met to discuss this request and we see a lot of value in offering this. We don’t have a timeline yet but I’ll be sure to keep you posted as we evaluate when this feature could be added to the roadmap.

Thank you!