Connect to CallRail API via Google Sheets


Hello - Has anyone accessed the CallRail API via Google Sheets? I need to pull in summary and daily call data into Sheets and cross-reference against cost data. I’m running into issues with the api key authorization. If anyone has any guidance or suggestions, that’d be great. Thanks!


We haven’t directly accessed the API in Google Sheets but we have used Zapier to push call data over. What are you trying to do?


@danaditomaso Thanks for responding. I’ve setup Zapier to pull in the call data. I’d love to setup Oauth authorization in Google Scripts so I can query the entire API via Google Sheets. That way I’d have one data pull with set time ranges. The Zapier solution works but it looks like it’s real-time and doesn’t allow for pulling in historical data. Did you find that to be the case too?


Yes, Zapier is real-time so we’ll build up a spreadsheet of data as it happens and then use filtering on the spreadsheet for specific parameters. We didn’t have a situation like yours where you need to cross-reference.

Now we use Google Data Studio but that won’t work for you since you can only have one data source per chart in GDS. I think the Oauth solution you mentioned would be the best solution. Have you checked with support to see if that’s on their roadmap?


Replying to myself… @thundermax, I just remembered Supermetrics! It might do exactly what you need but I haven’t tried it personally. Here is a post on how someone used Supermetrics to mash up GA and Mailchimp data:


I think Integromat could help here. It’s more flexible than Zapier. I’ve recently wrote an article about using webhooks. It’s not directly about the case you are describing but I think it’s achievable through Integromat through it’s HTTP module. My article is here: