Comparing Data!


Hello, we need the option to be able to compare data by date ranges in the reporting section so we can measure results more quickly.

For example, we have phone numbers for our website, Google maps, and our PPC campaigns. Having the compare function in the reports section would allow use to quickly pin the performance of those number against each other month over month. Or another example is that we changed up our ppc campaign and want to see if we are beating last months numbers to date. There’s no quick way of doing this currently.

The tab for compare does show under reports but it is grayed out.


Hi @MarketingBooker,

Thanks for the feedback about our reports section! We are currently working on some big enhancements to our reporting that will definitely help with what you’re looking for. We are planning on having the ability to look at reporting comparisons month over month, which fits your description perfectly. I don’t have a firm timeline yet, but we will be making announcements as things progress.