Click-To-Call/Text Chrome Extension


Any possibility of a Click-To-Call/Text Chrome Extension?

It would make CallRail infinitely useful in many web based sites!



I love this idea, and I’d be great to hear how much demand there is for it. I can absolutely see why it’s valuable.

Would you want to use the Chrome extension to initiate calls in the web-based softphone, or on a mobile/landline phone?


This is the functionality I came to this forum looking for. Having this capability would be awesome.


Thanks for adding your upvote for this feature! I’ll let the product team know we’ve had another request for it :slightly_smiling_face:


Andy, CallRail is the BEST and MOST PRODUCTIVE phone lead system available - Nice work!

A Click-To-Call/Text Chrome Extension would be useful both ways, but I think it would be most useful to open a softphone connection since you would already be in the browser. The extension would make it simple to initiate communication from a web based CRM or anywhere else on the web. Ultimately, it would eliminate copying and pasting phone numbers.


yes 100% this would be an amazing feature. we use podio (cloud based) so this could be a huge time saver.