Can I make only first-time callers create conversion in GA?


Hello all,

Is there a way to make ONLY first-time callers register as a conversion in Google Analytics?


@BrendonTW Absolutely, there are two ways you can go about this:

(1) Send all calls to Google Analytics, but only use first-time callers in the conversion event: You’ll need to modify the Goal Details in Google Analytics. Here’s how to do that:

(2) Only send first-time callers to Google Analytics: In CallRail, if you go to “Settings” (the gear icon at the top of the page) and then select “Integration Triggers” in the left menu, you can then “Add Trigger” for Google Analytics and send only first-time callers.

Hope this is helpful, thanks for using CallRail!


Thank you for the help, that’s what I needed.