Can destination numbers contain extensions?



Is it possible to add an extension at the end of a destination number?

e.g. 555-555-5555 #123


Hi @Raz8151! As of right now, you are not able to utilize an extension for the destination number, it’ll only be the main 10 digit phone number. Hopefully this helps!


Thanks Yara. Is this something that might be changed in the future?

Additionally, is there a way via Call Flows to somehow prompt a caller to enter an extension #?


I can definitely pass this on to our product team as a feature request and we’ll be able to get some updates as to where this sits on the drawing board.

As for extensions with Call Flows, you won’t be able to use extensions still, but you can use the Menu step to create a “press 1 for (person), press 2 for (person)” step and forward from there to a full 10 digit number if you wanted something similar to an extension set up.


@Yara Any news on that?

Can we use phone numbers with extensions (from the “caller” side at least)?


PS: Got an answer from Support Team that “…we haven’t implemented an extension feature yet and there haven’t been any additional updates on when this would be implemented.