Callrail WP Plugin is Malfunctioning


We use callrail and have the plugin installed on our wordpress site.
I noticed that our calls slowed - enormously. Upon further investigation I found 2 issues.
1 - the callrail plugin is replacing our office number with only one number - and not the 4 we have the in keyword pool.
2 - the number that the plugin replaces it with - is not click to call on mobile. So if you view our site on your cellphone, you cannot click the number and have your keypad pop up so that you can call. This is why our call volume slowed because none of our mobile traffic can just click the number and call.

Now we are faced with one of three options:
1 - getting callrail to fix. They first told us to hire developer since our number is hard coded on site (not true, it’s plugin issue)
2 - just go back to our office number and not have opp to hear calls - ditch callrail completely
3 - find alternative to callrail.

Is anyone else having this issue on their wp site?
Any suggestions?
Any alternatives to callrail - who seems to be dropping ball on this issue?



Hi @DenDen, I’m sorry to hear that this is happening. I really would like to have our support team take another look into this and see if we could get to the bottom of it. Would you mind shooting an email to with the details of the account that’s been having the issues?


Hi again @DenDen, I went ahead and checked with our support team to see if they might have a solution for what you were explaining. This is what I got back from them:

If you disable Javascript in the browser you can see the number is not hardcoded
For the number to be clickable on a mobile site it needs to be formatted as a number in the HTML. it should be like this should be like this: <a href=“tel:773-123-2200”>773-123-2200</a> vs. like this: &nbsp; (773) 123-2200

I still want to make sure we take another look at your account once I get the email from you, but hopefully this will help a little for the time being.