CallRail + Unbounce: A match made in marketing heaven!


We know that lots of our customers are using Unbounce in conjunction with CallRail to supercharge your marketing strategy. We already have an awesome integration that connects our product functionalities, so we thought it was time to connect our communities as well! :hugs:

For those who don’t know, Unbounce offers a streamlined way to quickly optimize your landing pages, popups and sticky bars and ensure they are converting to reach your goals. Pretty awesome, right? :boom:

To get things started, we’ve invited Unbounce’s community strategist, Jess Burnham, to spend some time here with us! You can tag her @Jess to ask a question, talk landing page optimization, or just say hi :wave:. Be on the lookout for soon-to-come collaborations that we’re in the process of dreaming up together, and check out the Unbounce Community here.


So stoked to be here!! And happy to answer any Unbounce-y questions that folks may have here.

I’ve set up desktop notifications so I’ll be seeing each post here, and happy to also loop in some of our customers who have already adopted CallRail + Unbounce as a duo to crush their conversions :muscle:

Let’s talk!!


Thanks for being here @Jess! :tada: I know that @AdamArkfeld from ParaCore and @paulhanney at Phorge are currently using the integration in their agencies. I’d love to hear if either of you have pro tips for using Unbounce and CallRail together, or examples of campaigns that have benefited from both call tracking and landing page optimization?


Absolutely love the integration and we use it extensively. Within Unbounce we’re usually tracking the conversion rates of the landing pages from both form submissions and also phone calls. In the goals section on the right hand side make sure you tick both the phone call and form submission so you’re tracking both goals if that’s the path you go down.

The JS code is super simple to install and like any other website looks for the number to swap out. If you are doing click to call buttons (which you absolutely should be) then in the option for the phone number where you select the action to make a call, use the destination number, CallRail is smart and you guys know how to track that still.

Once other thing that was causing us issues was when we installed the tracking code for CallRail, in Unbounce you can select main landing page, light box or form confirmation dialogue box. We have a phone number placed on some of these but in the coding section in Unbounce we only had the JS to swap out on the main landing page so make sure you select all items.

This integration is absolute gold though and more than happy to answer any questions if anyone gets stuck here.


I’d like to be able to utilize the form tracking on call rails side so that I can have clients receive phone calls when a web form submission comes in, but it looks like call rail hasn’t been keeping track of these form submissions. Is there something here I’m missing apart from enabling this feature in settings?

Also - will enabling this feature this have any effect on the data that call rail sends to other platforms? I don’t want AdWords to receive data indicating that two conversions came in when in actuality only one came in.


Hi @theMurphyGroup - Enabling the feature will not impact AdWords at all, we only send calls. It would only impact Analytics if you set up a goal to track forms. Other integrations vary on a case by case basis and I’d be happy to dig into that for you if you have concerns about any others.

As far as not seeing form submissions as tracked in CallRail, I’ll need to open a ticket with our support team for you so they can take a look in your account. What you want to do should definitely be possible and they’ll be able to help you out to ensure it is set up correctly. :smiley:


Form submissions are sent to analytics and are being marked as goals… which are then imported into Adwords as conversions. These are the only goals that are imported into AdWords for this particular instance. This shouldn’t be an issue then, correct?

as for opening the ticket - thank you!


If i’m tracking these on unbounce as goals in analytics (which get imported into adwords) would this import the calls into my Adwords account as well? I don’t want this to happen as I have the integration between adwords & callrail


Any insights to share on setting this up @paulhanney?


We have the goals tracked in Analytics, but don’t import the analytics calls into Adwords. We keep the standard CallRail and Adwords integration working. You can select which goals you import from Analytics to Adwords so just keep that one off as it’ll get picked up by the CallRail Integration and avoids the double tracking in the Adwords interface.