CallRail Slack Integration: In Detail!


With 10 million active daily users, Slack is the runaway leader in professional messaging, and chances are good that you and your team use it for much of your work communication. It’s the ideal app for communication, notifications, and monitoring, and, if you’re like us, you want to know right away when something needs your attention. That’s why we’ve enhanced our Slack integration to include new Alerts and Insights.

Anomaly Alerts

Anomaly Alerts will notify you in Slack when one of your CallRail accounts might need attention. You’ll know when:

  • A phone number was receiving calls, but is no longer receiving calls.
  • A phone number was set up but has not received any calls.
  • A phone number has a high rate of abandoned calls.
  • An integration has failed.

Since the smooth operation of your accounts is important to accurately track your ROI, we’re excited to offer the new alerts to help you take action at the first sign of an issue.

Daily Insights

We also added a new Daily Insights feature into our Slack integration. These daily reports provide useful information about the performance of your tracking numbers to help you keep an eye on the effectiveness of your campaigns. In the Slack channel of your choosing, you’ll receive a daily report displaying:

  • The tracking number that received the most calls yesterday.
  • The total amount of missed calls yesterday.
  • The numbers with the most and least calls in the past rolling 7 days.
  • The numbers with the largest week-over-week increase and decrease in call volume.

These insights can help drive proactive optimizations with less time-consuming analysis and less Excel.


Notifications for Calls, Texts, and Form Submissions are still available and can be turned on or off at any time through the Slack integration page in CallRail.

Install the integration today to start receiving your Alerts and Insights!