CallRail for Singapore


Hi guys,

spoke to Harrell on the chat. He suggested I post this here.

Well anyway, CallRail seems highly recommended in a number of marketing groups I am in on Facebook. But it seems Singapore is not on the supported list yet.

As a dense city of commerce, I would highly suggest/recommend/request CallRail to provide service here, I’m sure many companies and agencies would look forward to using callrail for tracking. For now though, anyone have suggestions?



Hi @jonathan, thanks for posting your request! Unfortunately, Singapore isn’t currently on our roadmap for the near future. However, I would love to know if anyone else is interested in us providing services there. I’m happy to reach out to our audience across some of our other channels to see if there is interest, and report it to our product team.

Is anyone else looking for call tracking in Singapore? Share your upvote for this expansion request here. Your feedback helps us build the best product possible!


Hi Kate,

thanks for letting me know.

Well that’s the thing, Google Voice isn’t available in Singapore yet, and the other call tracking solutions are not affordable. While agencies and companies may want to use call tracking, it’s not cost efficient at the moment. Chicken & Egg thing. Hence, most don’t use for lack of options.


That makes sense - I totally sympathize with that! I’ll see what I can do to find out what the interest level is from other potential users. If you know of anyone else who would like to see us expand to Singapore, would you please direct them here to leave an upvote comment?