CallRail Data Studio Connector - Crucial Updates Needed


The most critical information we show them is campaign call tracking trends over 12-month periods. This is currently impossible to do in DS with the current CallRail connector because of the lack of a date dimension sorting option. This is disappointing to see that more than a year has past since you released this connector and it is mostly useless for tracking trending data over a period of time. Just an FYI that we have used other call tracking platforms before that we created our own connector for using open API that allowed much needed dimensions and metrics to be pulled from the call tracking software and it was a huge success in demonstrating performance to clients and selling the call tracking software as a solution for their company. As of now, we can;t currently recommend CallRail to new clients that don’t choose to move to your service because of this limitation of showing data in a comprehensive and visual format. Hope to hear good new about a date sort coming very soon, with maybe a concrete launch date.


Hi Synapse,

Thank you for this feedback! I’ll present to the team and get back to you.



Hi @Synapse,

Thanks again for this request. We are actively investing in our API products and thanks to your recommendation have this on the list of feature enhancements. I don’t have a timeline for you at this time, but we are very interested in making this update.

Thank you for being a CallRail customer and a member of our community!