CallRail Agent Feature - Call Forwarding


The system currently does not support forwarding calls to any number other than US when working as an Agent - meaning that an Admin has to change the call flow …
the advertised ‘Problem Resolution’

Forward Calls While Away from the Office
We genuinely understand how scary it can be to edit live call flows, so we’ve worked to remove that fear. Now, instead of worrying about the integrity of your call flow, each Agent can edit their own personal call forwarding preferences safely, effortlessly, and at any time without changing anything within the Call Flow Builder. Additionally, an Agent can configured themselves to ring up to 5 different phones simultaneously, ensuring they’ll never miss an important call.

Come on guys - lets see better international support … also any news on fixing the callback link from the email notification to allow call backs using the tracking number see : Callback link in notifications - doesn't work for customers outside US/Canada


Hey @luigidon, I agree this would be very useful for those of our customers outside of the US & Canada. Unfortunately the two functionalities you mentioned introduced more complexities than we could bite off at the time of our initial rollout of international call tracking. Ideally we would be able to bring parity between our domestic and international functionality. Currently, international functionality such as this is not being prioritized, though we’d be happy to consider it should the requests continue. Thanks for the input!


Thanks Bryan … I am guessing that the the functionality for UK to ‘connect with your phone’ also falls into that category ? or does that appear on the feature list coming for non-us/canada

Is there any international functionality being prioritised?