Callrail Account Manager


When you first sign up with Callrail you should be assigned an account manager to meet with you once per month. The first month they would review your account to make sure it’s setup correctly. After that they would make sure you are using all the features of callrail (i.e. tags, reports etc).

I’ve used Callrail for 3 years, but only recently am I using it to it’s full potential. I bought it initially to record calls, but now I use it to track and optimise my marketing efforts. What a difference!! I went from debating cancelling Callrail to it being indispensable to me. Assigning an account manager would get everyone quickly up-to-speed (not 3 years) on how awesome Callrail is.

BTW - this idea is not new. Houzz does this with its clients.

Thanks, Brian