Callback link in notifications - doesn't work for customers outside US/Canada


Really would like the callback link that is provided in Callrail email notifications to provide the option of calling back the customer direct from the link (using the allocated tracking number) rather than agents having to log onto Lead Center to initiate a call via the softphone.

This is a limitation to customers outside of US and Canada that use the email notification.

We currently parse the URL for the callback link into our system to allow our customer agents to click the link — but the resultant screen where you enter your own number is masked to only accept US or canadian numbers

I have logged this with support over 3 months ago …
I also wonder , what is the process that Callrail adopt to evalaute these and are international customers needs on the roadmap?

CallRail Agent Feature - Call Forwarding

Hello luigidon,

I will bring this up with the product team and will let you know when I have an update. Thank you for your request!

Callback Link needs to support international customers

Any news Jarrett? Really would like to see this ASAP


Hi @luigidon - Right now the only update I have is that this has been added to the roadmap, but does not currently have a timeline assigned. I know this one is really important to you and I’ll update you as soon as the product team has prioritized it!


Thanks Kate – yes its really important to me … as our cusotmers and agents are now opting to use the SKYPE callback link that is present in our system that obviously bypasses Callrail so lost revenue for Callrail and me.



Hi Kate - have they prioritised yet ?


Any news ??? Really frustrating that functionality is in my opinion a bug - - if you decide to venture to International market then make sure the product is functional in those markets or restrict its use (and cost) … waiting a long time now for this fix … its not a devleopment requests its functionality that just doesnt work for UK customers …

Please advise