Call tracking + SEO, Organic, NAP


Has anyone found that using call tracking has had a negative impact on Google organic rankings or SEO opportunity based on different phone numbers listed than what Google has indexed for NAP?


Hey there, so if you’re using dynamic number switching based on source, Google will only index the static phone number in the page. This shouldn’t be a concern, and if it is, check the page-level cache to see what Google sees, and you’ll see that the static phone number is in their index.


Thank you.

The cached version is showing a number pool #, not the “forwarded to” number. How can i be sure Google is not confusing this with their actual location number?


Is the number pool number inserted into the page dynamically, or is it static?


I used the dynamic insertion code.


Then it sounds like the real feature request here is for CallRail to detect Googlebot (the user agent of the search spider, not actual users) and only serve them the static, base phone number which is tied to the official biz NAP


Look at the view source code, not the live page. The source code is what Google reads, and it is the hard coded # you supply. The dynamic insertion uses Java code to switch the # to your pool numbers which forward to your destination number.

Best practice is to hard code a number you created for Google my business and use that on GMB and hard coded on your website (with keyword pool insertion).